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Basic Computers

This course is the simplest and quickest way to get acquainted with basic IT skills and usages of the internet through simple fun filled programs. These skills have created IT awareness programs to equip large number of people with basic IT skills thereby bridging the digital divide. Learning computers here is so easy; you will become an expert in no time.



At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the parts of a computer.
  • Identify and use window components.
  • Use the mouse correctly.
  • Navigate a webpage.
  • Perform basic file management tasks.


Basic computer terminology

What is a computer?

What is an operating system?

What are the major physical components of the computer?

  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • CPU
  • monitor

What is the desktop?

  • Quick Launch Toolbar
  • Taskbar
  • Start menu
  • My Computer
  • Task Manager
  • Right-click on Desktop>Properties


What are the major components of a window?

  • Windows and its components
  • Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons
  • Title bar

Navigating a webpage

  • ISP
  • URL
  • Web site
  • Home page
  • Bookmark
  • Search engine
  • Web browsing (IE, Netscape, Mozilla)
    • navigation
    • toolbars
    • menu options
    • scrolling
    • minimize, maximize and close
    • favorites
    • highlight
    • print


File Management
• Create a new folder.
• Copy/Move files from one folder to another.
• Drag and Drop files.
• Create different file types with varying extensions.
• Create a shortcut to an often-used file or application.
• Utilize the hard drive and other drives for file management.
• Rename/Delete a folder or file.
• Use the Recycle Bin appropriately.
• Microsoft Office (WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT)
• Typing Tutor, Notepad, Calculator, Paint Brush, Games.
• Transfer (Cut/Copy/Paste/Format) from secondary devices like CD/DVD, Pen Drive, Mobile, Digital Camera.


• Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Opera
• Interface of browsers – address bar, standard menus, refresh button, new window, new tab etc.
• Search Engines and Searching: Google, Khoj, AltaVista etc.
• Account creation and mailing text/attachment
• Wikipedia and Encyclopedia
• Online banking etc.